Bocuse d'Or

Dan is Bocuse de Bronze Asia-Pacific 2016, and arrived 8th at the last final of Bocuse d'Or (2017). It is the best place ever achieved for Australia, and first time in top 10.

Le Bocuse d’Or: THE international cooking competition. The Bocuse d’Or is the most prestigious cooking competition in the world, created by the legendary French chef, Paul Bocuse, in 1987 in Lyon.

The « Bocuse d’Or Family » was expanded in 2008 with the creation of the three continental selections to give more chances for more countries to reach the grand final.


The Bocuse d’Or Europe select 11 from 20 countries, the Bocuse d’Or Latin America select 3 countries from 10, the Bocuse d’Or Asia Pacific select 5 countries from 9.

Organised every two years, the international competition celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. 24 nations competed to win the gold trophy.


According to the codes of the biggest sporting events, 24 young chefs from all over the world, among the most promising of their generation, must prepare in 5 hours and 35 minutes:

• A plate: 100 % vegetable, composed exclusively of fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds or legumes. Candidate will choose from 146 products offered by the competition market, and possibly 2 products originating in their country.

• Platter: This stage gives the candidate the opportunity to interpret a compulsory product « à la française ». The impressive plater is paraded for viewing by the judges, the media and the public. Then the candidate and his commis cut and present 12 plates for the jury. The 12 plates must be presented at their ideal temperature. Of course, the enemy for each candidate is time. The jury consists of 24 world – renowned chefs. Each candidate country is represented. 12 chefs judge the plate, the other 12 judge the platter.

Enhancing the worldheritage of gastronomy! This contest, although invented by a Frenchman and taking place in France, seeks to highlight the culinary heritage of all participating nations. The taste, flavours, colours and references to the country of the candidate must reveal their creativity and allow the jury to discover a culture. The know how shared within the team at the contest, demonstrates the perpetual evolution of the world cuisine dear to Paul Bocuse. The co-operation and effectiveness of the chefs and their commis work during the preparation are one of the criteria that allow the candidate to earn points.

As for Olympic training, the Australian team is preparing for the final of Bocuse d’Or. Beyond individual performance, the groups cohesion promotes the duo’s excellence. All the staff have committed to go to the performance on the day of the contest.

The team who worked with Dan Arnold:

Ryan Cosentino: Australian cook

Best commis in the Asia/Pacific final in Singapore in 2016

Romuald Fassenet: « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » in 2004

Chef/Proprietor of the Château Mont- Joly in Sampans, Jura. 1 Michelin star

Yohann Chapuis: Chef/Proprietor of Restaurant Greuze  in Tournus, Jura. 1 Michelin star

1st prize in Taittinger France in 2004. (3rd prize international)

Serge Vieira: Bocuse d’Or in 2005

Chef/Proprietor of Restaurant Serge Vieira in Chaudes-Aigues, Cantal. 2 Michelin star

Philippe Mouchel: Right-hand man of Paul Bocuse in Australia

President of the Academy of Bocuse d’Or in Australia.

Head of the restaurant Philippe in Melbourne

Florent Boivin, « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » in 2004

And Louis C., Paulo, Louis F., Victor, Julien, Maxime, Simon, who were there to help during the training.

And of course all our sponsors !

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